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Business Intelligence Goals will assist your company in developing Business Intelligence tools that match the goals that you wish to attain, to create insight and make strategic and tactically informed decisions. Once the BI tools have had a chance to mature in production, we can provide you with BI Dashboard building services. We place a major emphasis on creating "Self Service" BI tools.
Tribal Knowledge is a Boeing term for the knowledge your teams have, contained within departments and groups, and not systematically shared with the rest of the company.

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One Hour Consult: Chat about what pain points with data and reporting your company is experiencing and work together on what the next steps are (can be done by Skype, Yahoo etc.) -> Cost: No Charge

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Business Analytics

Business Analytics can help you leverage your data to make intelligent business decisions. These tools include Data Warehouses, Reporting, Data Mining, Data Analytics, and Dashboards.

Blocking Success: Pain Points for BI

  • Data integration – Data comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and wrangling the data together, cleaning the data of bad chunks can be a chore if not properly managed.
  • Role Based Delivery Needs - The IW (Information Worker) needs the BI data presented at a more detailed level and management needs it rolled up to a higher granularity. IW's seem to prefer "slicing and dicing" tools and management generally like dashboards.
  • Too hard to use – If the BI tools are not intuitive and flexible, then the IW and executives get frustrated and will not use the tools.
  • Going to the next level – If the BI tools are not leveraged to provide pervasive insight and empower the user to do true analytics, then the BI system is just a reporting system.
  • Too costly – BI tools can be costly if care is not taken to find the right "fit" of software licenses, hardware, operational costs, and time to develop some useful tools.

Power Over the BI Pain Points

BI Goals will guide you through this maze of roadblocks by using our experince, knowledge and best practices to bypass these pain points and deliver a set of "Self Service" BI tools.

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Business Intelligence Goals has a wide range of benefits for you that can make your BI implementations successful.

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Our solutions are not cookie cutter, out of the box solutions, because one size does not fit all.

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BIG is a Microsoft Partner

As a Microsoft Partner, we can offer many Microsoft internal offerings like support, financing, help with licensing, and more.

Business Intelligence Goals (BIG) is a Microsoft Partner Business Intelligence Goals (BIG) is a Microsoft Partner Business Intelligence Goals (BIG) can help migrate to or install SQL 2012

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